Nawab Liaaqat Hyaat Khan, Prime Minister of PEPSU, Punjab graced the very property of The Garden Resort in Patiala, Punjab. Immediately after that, the Maharaja of Nalagarh used the property as the Nalagarh Fort (now in Himachal Pradesh).

A vivid history of being resided by the royal members of the then society has had its effect on The Garden Resort. It has made it the epitome of vintage royalness with nothing that has changed over the years. The hospitality in synchronous with the current services at the resort. The reviews of the resort speak volumes about how it is not just the building that has retained itself but the 'Mehmannawazi' or hospitality is still rooted in its royal culture.

The grandeur of the resort inside out with the two most crucial elements that make it a success - food and ambience has created a benchmark for possibly any resort to accomplish. It is hard to believe that the beautification of the resort was started in 1993, and today it is the most sought-after resort, restaurant and hotel for stay and the Mughlai food. The journey from hosting the nawabs to gaining the speciality in Mughlai food has been of more than three decades when the development of the property to convert it into a resort embarked.

It is the essence of our traditional values and the ethnic techniques of food accompanied by the ancient yet adorable ways of treating guests that have brought laurels for The Garden Resort in the field of food, hospitality, and ambience. The ratings on various websites are a show of the performance management strategies of the resort management. Known for retaining the authenticity of the food with its Mirch Masala restaurant and the serving the oldest and purest and richest quality of hard drinks at the Vintage bar speak for themselves. The name itself demands attention to the fact that nothing but the usage of the property has been forgotten. Earlier the Maharajas and today the customers who bestow much love to the resort.

Hotel statistics

768 Guest Stay