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Chef's Special

Chef's Special

The Garden Resort | Chef's Special

The Garden Resort of Patiala, well known for its Mughlai delicacies and its hospitality has more to offer than just the aforesaid. If you are a foodie, then you just cannot miss the chef's special menu intricately prepared to entice the taste buds of all those who visit the food sanctum at the resort. All the vegetarians out there need not worry as the Chef made sure to sneak in some vegetarian dishes as well.

With just the right mixture of spices and sautéed just the right amount and served with just the adequate amount of graciousness, it is inevitable to taste the specials. The Garden Resort's Chef's Special menu is all that a foodie or someone with a taste for intricacy and details can wish for. It would be unfair to not let the curtains fall sooner than later and put forth before you the talk of the town- "The Garden Resort's Chef's Special Menu".


1. Murgh Tikka Kali Mirch - Chunks of chicken in a white marinade cooked in our tandoor with a sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper. To savour the most out of it have it with a curd salad and our very own Tandoori Roti.

2. Burra Kebab - Chunks of legs of lamb and chops marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and exotic Indian spices and cooked on charcoal. The dish will treat your taste buds with the ultimate barbeque pinch from the barbeque party you always to plan but sadly, couldn't.

3. Fish Finger with Tartar Sauce - Fish marinated with garlic, lemon and bread crumbs fried and served with Tartar sauce. A Bengali and a foodie, although these aren't very far apart will surely think of Maacher fish curry after the first bite of this exotic dish.

4. Rara Meat - It is a rare mixture of mutton and keema cooked in Indian spices. Accompany it with our special Tandoori Laccha roti and you are good to sit back and relax and enjoy your Rara Meat.

5. Murgh Mussallam - An exotic combination of Tandoori Chicken with keema on a bed spiced rice. The right way to consume this by having the keema with the rice and Tandoori chicken on the side accompanied with raita.

6. Methi Chicken - Chicken cooked in our special gravy with a hint of kasuri methi, creating a perfect balance of rich flavours. Your personal wish for bread or a spiced up rice is perfect with this dish.

7. Cheese/ Chicken Shashlik- Exotic vegetables tossed in pepper sauce along with chicken or cottage cheese served on a bed of rice. This is when you have your own desi Sizzler. How good can life get with such an invention? Don't forget to thank the Chef before you leave.


1. Papad Paneer Tikka - Cottage Cheese flavoured with Garlic and Ginger and a touch of garam masala, Coated with crushed papad. Paneer goes best with a vegetable Kulcha or a Butter Tandoori Roti. Go the classic way and nothing ever can go wrong. Sometimes classic is the new black.

2. Dal Makhani - Whole black lentils slowly cooked overnight finished with butter and cream. To understand what is so special about the not so special Dal Makhani, you got to eat it first. This time we will wait for your response to understand the difference.

3. Jacket Potato - Potatoes with their skin on scooped and filled with a mixture of cheese and corn. French Fries, Honey soaked Potato, Potato wedges and many more, all are just the grandchildren of Jacket Potato. Enjoy the varied combination of corn with Potato and of course where can the cheese run when the talk is all about potato and corn. Stay put my friend.

4. Adraki Dhaniya Paneer - Cottage Cheese cooked in a special gravy with the flavour of Ginger and Fresh Coriander. "Maa ke haath ki Dhaniya ki Chutney” is served with a twist when you order The Chef's Special. It doesn't take a genius to predict what kind of pleasure can this dish lend your taste buds. Think, Engulf, Eat, Relax and get immersed in the spices.